Ready for Raw Testimonials

I love how you made raw food seem so easy to prepare. Your explanations and instructions are easy to understand and informative. The ingredients are very accessible. The recipes I've made so far have been easy to prepare and delicious! It's so much easier creating delicious (fast) meals when I don't have to cook on the stove. I'm loving this! Thank you so much for offering this online class. — Mary M.

I just completed the first session and am so excited! I love your presentations and the exciting, simple way you teach. You explain "why" not just "how." I have a couple of businesses that keep me busy, and your course is so perfect because I don't have to rush through everything at once. I can come back to each session and take time to digest it. — Jan B.

I recommend this course to anyone, whether they are just getting started or have been eating raw for a while. The class and demos were easy to follow, the recipes were simple and wonderful, and I learned a new technique in every session. (I am finally able to roll sushi that stays together!) And my husband is addicted to the Chocolate Ganache. I even amazed our children when they learned the Easter candy was raw and to 'die for'! — Pat M.

I love learning new and different ways to make fruits and veggies that are healthy instead of laden with unhealthy sauces. The videos were a great feature, in my opinion, because I am a visual learner. Thanks for showing me how to make living healthy doable and enjoyable. — Rita W.

I like your simple, easy to find, easy to use ingredients, and not so complicated recipes. You make me feel like I can actually eat more raw foods and not spend all my time preparing all the ingredients nor spend all my money on fancy ingredients. I like that you give the reasons why you use certain ingredients and what purpose they serve. I like your instructions on proper ways to cut veggies too. You are a gifted instructor. Thank you for making preparing raw foods less intimidating. I look forward to tasting all the delicious recipes again and again! — Jonna T.